Real Estate Resources for Buyers

If you are a first-time homebuyer, the real estate market may welcome you in different ways. Your experience can be exciting, confusing, overwhelming, or may be wonderful! Mushtaq Sayed Realty Team has some handy tools and real estate resources for you that can help you get through the process.

Our real estate resources include affordability calculator, mortgage calculator, and land transfer tax calculator. These tools are specially designed to help you at every stage of the real estate buying or selling process. From planning your purchase to moving into your new house, you will need these calculators to make smart buying decisions.

Before Buying a Property

Some of the most crucial decisions are taken at this stage. Even though our real estate agents will be there at every step ensuring that you continue your real estate journey seamlessly, we want our clients to realize their potential and make well-informed decisions. We do not want you to compromise on your basic life necessities for paying mortgage premiums. Our affordability calculator is specially designed to help you determine how much money you can afford to invest in your new house. Enter details about your monthly income, debts, down payment, etc., to know how much you can afford to invest in a property.

When Buying a Property

So you have spotted your dream house and you are ready to give up everything to get it. Wait! Purchasing your desired home does not necessarily mean that you give up on life essentials. Understand different types of interest rates and carefully select a mortgage plan. Our mortgage calculator is designed to help you determine approximate monthly mortgage payments. Enter your desired home price and other details in the fields below and have an estimate of monthly mortgage payments in seconds.

After Buying a Property

Many novice real estate buyers do not forget different types of taxes they are required to pay on buying a land or property in Toronto such as Land Transfer tax. When buying a property in Ontario, you are required to pay a certain amount to the province before closing your real estate transaction. With our Land Transfer tax calculator, you can easily calculate the amount you will be required to pay to the government on buying your dream home. Just enter your home value, province, and city name and the calculator gives you an estimate of the tax to be paid.

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